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Whether you’re building or renovating, Clipspec™ Electrical and Lighting Planning will give you the inspiration and answers to any electrical questions.

It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey. Contemplating a new build, mid-renovation, or simply making small improvements; Clipspec has the home electrical planning tools to guide you through.

The first step is an important one - meeting with an expert.

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What is Clipspec?

Clipspec is a home electrical design service for anyone wanting to build or renovate.

The advanced electrical planning software is exclusive to Clipsal by Schneider Electric. Your Clipspec™ Consultant will use it to maximise your home’s potential.

Clipspec will ensure your home’s electrical meets all required Australian safety standards, while addressing your personal preferences.

In one simple meeting, you’ll leave armed with inspiration, and a detailed electrical and lighting plan.

The included bill of materials also itemises pricing, so you can discuss your project in detail with your electrical contractor or builder.

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Why use Clipspec?

Building or renovating shouldn’t be a stressful process; it should be a memorable one.

Clipspec™ removes the uncertainty when planning projects. It helps determine the ‘must-haves’ and the ‘nice-to-haves’.

Clipspec is designed to help capture everything you’ll need in your home for today… and in the future.  This means you can avoid that expensive retrofit for things you forgot to include.

The best part about Clipspec is there are no hidden costs, so you’ll feel involved and in control when creating your dream home!

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How long does a Clipspec Consultation take?

That just comes down to the size and type of project. The electrical planning process for a new build might take a bit longer than a renovation. And if you’re renovating, it all comes down to the scale of the work.

As a rough guide, a Clipspec™ Consultation for a new build can take two to four hours. But, that includes making time for a coffee along the way!

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How much does a Clipspec Consultation cost?

A Clipspec™ Consultation starts at $250. Pricing is based on the size of your home area in square metres, because larger homes and more complicated projects naturally take our qualified consultants a little longer to design.

If you’d like an exact cost to plan your home electrical, please call us on 1300 669 925. We’d be happy to walk you through the finer details. Alternatively, you can ask us online.

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Why visit a Clipsal Showroom?

If you’re ever stuck for inspiration, the best place to start is at one of our Clipsal Showrooms. See first hand our contemporary designs of electrical switches, electrical outlets, lighting and lighting control, ceiling fans, bathroom heating and complete home automation.

Basically, you can see everything you’ll need to bring your new build or renovation to life!

And with energy-efficiency being top of mind in most Australian homes, our Clipspec™ Consultants can also show you some ways to save money BIG!

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