Why is my smoke alarm chirping?

Smoke alarm 1

01 January 0001

There may be two reasons for a chirping or beeping smoke alarm.

1. Low battery

  • If the alarm starts beeping once every 40s, the backup battery needs replacing.

  • If you wish to replace the battery later, press the test/hush button to snooze for 10hrs.


2. False alarm

  • If the smoke alarms go into alarm with no smoke present, firstly identify the unit which has triggered.
  • While alarming, look for the smoke alarm with the flashing RED LED.
  • If the alarms have stopped sounding before you could identify the alarm that triggered, look for the alarm which has the RED LED flashing once every 2 seconds. (it will do this for up to 72hrs)
  • Vacuum this unit to clean dust or cobwebs. If later it still false alarms, call an electrician to check the alarm.

Still not sure?

Download our step-by-step flowchart (PDF 206KB)