How do I decide between a Bluetooth device and its Zigbee equivalent?


01 January 0001

Since Bluetooth is a point to point connection where your phone connects to the device directlyBluetooth devices are more suited to fundamental in-room control, such as:

  • On/Off or Dimming Control using the Wiser by SE app
  • Setting a timer, run on timer or 24/7 Schedule.

Zigbee devices provide a more holistic solution for the homeowner, supporting features such as the potential to:

  • Turn all lights in their house on/off, or operate multiple different devices from one tap of a button, also known as a Moment
  • Implement if this then that operations, also known as an Automation
  • Integrate with third-party voice controllers: Google, Alex and Siri (please see the FAQ on voice control for more information)
  • Allow remote control of your home from anywhere in the world.

Please be aware that Zigbee devices will require a Wiser Hub.