How to convert device configuration of ATV32 to ATV320 drives ?


10 July 2023

To convert an ATV32 device configuration to an ATV320 device configuration, we can use the SoMove software. As a prerequisite, the configuration file (*.psx) corresponding to the ATV32 device to convert is required.

The conversion can be easily done using Somove software.
Open Somove – find the tab “Device Conversion”, and upload the exiting file from ATV32 to convert to ATV320. 

Device Conversion

Refer to the link for more information : https://product-help.schneider-electric.com/Machine%20Expert/V1.1/en/CompMigr/CompMigr/Migration_Annexe/Migration_Annexe-2.htm#XREF_D_SE_0088880_4