What is new of the C-Bus PICED 4.14.2?


19 July 2023

What is new of the C-Bus PICED 4.14.2?
  • C-Bus PICED 4.14.2 was released on 26/06/2023
Security Enhancements
PICED now provides improved security for Wiser 2 and C-Bus Home Controller projects. The requirements for profile passwords have been strengthened, as has their storage. Our recommendation is to update your Wiser 2 and C-Bus Home Controller projects to take advantage of these security fixes.

Note: that your Wiser 2 and C-Bus Home Controller projects cannot be rolled back to their previous versions once updated.

Transfer Utility now provides improved security for Wiser 2 and C-Bus Home Controller projects while transferring and retrieving project data, and while updating firmware. Port 80 is blocked for remote transfer and is supported by local transfer only. Remote transfer uses port 443 by default.

Let’s Encrypt is now supported for providing secure connections. To enable Let’s Encrypt, the C-Bus Home Controller DNS name can be provided while specifying project details. Secure connection details can be provided on the Transfer Project screen.

• SP-3869 – Implement support of password hashing for Wiser 2 / C-Bus Home Controller projects
• SP-3871 – Implement password hashing in Transfer Utility for Wiser2 and Home Controller units
• SP-3872 – Implement stricter password validation rules
• Capture the DNS name as part of PICED
• Upload CA certificate in PICED
• Fixed the SocketException error trying to transfer a project when Projector Control is disabled
• Fixed an issue that meant upgrading Wiser 2 firmware locally did not work
• Fixed an authentication issue when trying to do a firmware update
• Fixed an issue where transfer was unable to be done on any port other than 80
• Implemented a better workflow when opening a project that has passwords that don't meet the password requirements
• Fixed the failure to authenticate when trying to upgrade the firmware
• Fixed an issue where changes to the CNI port were not being saved
• Fixed an issue where most users in the profiles have been replaced with default Admin profiles

Wiser 2 / C-Bus Home Controller Firmware
This version of PICED includes the following new versions of the Wiser 2 and C-Bus Home Controller firmware:
1.33.1 (Wiser 2)
2.01.1 (C-Bus Home Controller)

Other Fixes
• SP-3867 – Edit Total Power Meter history does not distribute the data to the meter correctly
• SP-3876 – Unable to transfer the Old Flash Wiser 2 Project remotely
• Fixed an issue with refreshing project from the unit not working
• Fixed an issue where a remote firmware upgrade on port 85 would fail

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