How to use C-Bus sensor to trigger an ON/OFF scene store on a C-Bus switch?


22 June 2023

Scenario: You want to use a C-Bus motion SENSOR to trigger a scene stored on another device i.e C-Bus switch when it turns ON and then trigger a second scene when it times OUT and turns OFF.

Mandatory: The C-Bus switch will need to have built in scene and virtual keys (switch firmware >= v2.0.00)

The motion detector to trigger scenes needs to utilise the secondary application (trigger control)

C-Bus Sensor secondary application is set to Trigger control and the Key1 is then select to set to trigger secondary application by clicking on the P(Primary application) it will change to S(secondary application).


The Trigger Group will need to be the same (common) to trigger both scenes - and its the value of the trigger group that acts as the action selector telling the triggered scene which action is being triggered.  

The scenes will be stored in a KEYE4. 

Action Selector 0 means that Scene 1 will trigger when Trigger Group 0 is at 0 (OFF) level and
Action Selector 255 means that Scene 2 will trigger when Trigger Group 0 is at 255 (ON) level.