RemoteConnect : Project Files in The Archive Directory Could not be Removed


09 August 2023

When the user opens the RCZ file, RemoteConnect tries to delete the files in the directory that have the same names as the files in the RCZ to prevent any confusion.
Archive Directory

The archive directory is where the user is trying to open the .RCZ file which is called the archive file.

The archive file contains all the artifacts for a RemoteConnect project in one file. If, for some reason, the files were still open (another open RemoteConnect session in the background), then this deletion operation will fail as the files are in use.

If there is another session of RemoteConnect where the same project is already open, it must be closed before trying to reopen the project archive. If there does not seem to be any other open RemoteConnect session, there could still be a background process. In this case, perform one of the following
  • Run process scrubber (C:\Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric\RemoteConnect\ProcessScrubber.exe)
  • Reboot the computer.