How to set a Static or Fixed IP, for 5500CN2 C-Bus Network Interface


12 December 2022

Below is the step to take to change the IP address of the 5500CN2


Assuming that it's powered up and connected to the same network where your PC is connected to.

Assuming that you have installed Toolkit software where C-Bus Control System IP Utility is also installed.

  1. From start menu run the C-Bus Control System IP Utility
  2. Select the Cloud Icon to scan for C-Bus network interface
  3. Select the C-Bus network interface you wish to specify the static IP address for
  4. Select the edit button and type the desired static IP address and click ok
  5. The new IP address will be showing in red
  6. Hit the save button will apply the change and the C-Bus network interface will reboot and shall now have the new IP address

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