How to download the firmware files from se.com (global page)?


26 October 2022

First, you need to find the product page! I.e 5500NAC2


  1. Type in the commercial reference in the search bar, and once the product you are looking for pop-up, click on the product bar.

 5500NAC2 1


  1. Once on the product page, scroll down, pass Main Documents > Specifications > Documents, and reach the Software and Firmware section at the bottom.

 5500NAC2 2


  1. Select “Firmware” for the latest version in the Document type section, or if you are looking for previous firmware files, you can see them under “Firmware – History and others”.

 5500NAC2 3

  1. You can download the firmware, release notes, and user manual separately OR as a whole in zip format.