What software is required to commission the 5200WHC2 Spacelogic home controller(SLHC).


07 October 2022

You will need to have the latest PICED 4.14.x in order to commission a 5200WHC2 Spacelogic home controller(SLHC).

Before transferring the project, PICED will prompt if the firmware version on the unit is older than the one come with PICED

Wiser transfer
This require a firmware update


Link below is the firmware for then new SLHomeController

firmware link

Wiser transfer1

After approximately 15 minutes the unit will do a power cycle


You then now can transfer the PICED Project

Wiser transfer2


Will take 3 minutes to boot up after the project transfer



Wiser transfer4

You can check if the wiser is back online by using the Control System IP Utility software that come with Toolkit


Now you can log in to the wiser by a browser