How to config SE8350 or SE8650 for Modbus RS-485 communications to SpaceLogic C-Bus Automation Controllers


13 September 2022

1) Enter the Setup screen
Enter the Setup screen
Note: password reset is not within the scope of this FAQ. If you are a Certified EcoStruxure Building Operations (BMS) Partner and require the password to be reset. Please contact Schneider Electric Technical Support for further assistance 

2) Select the Network option 
Select network settings

3) Select the Wire protocol option
Select Modbus option

4) Enter the Modbus settings 

Enter Modbus settings

5) Enter the Modbus COM address

Enter Modbus COM address

6) Select the Modbus Network units

Select Network units

7) Select the Modbus Baud rate

Setting Modbus Baud rate
NOTE: It is recommended to choose either 9600 or 19200 (default) baud rate as most Modbus devices are compatible with either of these two rates. 

8) Select the Modbus Parity

Setting Parity bit

9) Select the Return to Setup Screen (twice)