Wiser IP Camera Troubleshooting


06 July 2022

If the camera is not pairing, first check if the IP camera in proximity to the Modem/Router and therefore has WiFi signal.  
Then ensure the IP camera is being connected to 2.4GHz on the Wi-Fi router, noting the Camera operates on 2.4GHz only. If unsure, check the WiFi router settings to see whether ‘Band Steering’ is enabled or not. This should be disabled as it may attempt to force a 5.0GHz WiFi network to the camera rather than the 2.4Ghz.”
Make sure WiFi has access to the internet, this can be done by disabling mobile data and testing a video or web page.
If EZ Mode pairing is not working, try using QR mode to pair the camera. Tap “EZ Mode” in the top right corner of the screen to change pairing mode.