What has been changed with the new Rotary LED dimmers for Iconic range (40 series) and standard range (30 series)?


06 June 2023

The 32ELEDM-WE is now replaced with the 32ELEDM2-WE and the 42E350RLD2M-VW is replaced with the 42ELEDM2-VW.
Both dimmers have now been improved and introduce the following new features
- New Digital electronic 2-wire trailing edge design for optimum LED dimming performance
- Kick start for faster LED turn on at low settings
- Mechanically adjustable minimum brightness setting
- In-built short circuit, over current and over temperature protection
- Full range smooth LED dimming from 1 – 100% (load dependant)
- Cleaner look with no markings on the control knobs

Please note that the load ratings have changed for the new version. The new 32ELEDM2-WE and 42ELEDM2-VW are rated to 150W to enable enhanced LED optimised control and dimming performance.