How to update C-Bus eDLT Firmware


01 August 2022

NOTE: The following procedure assumes that you have installed the latest version of C-Bus Toolkit which will contain the latest eDLT firmware. 

To update a C-Bus eDLT's firmware

1) Connect the working & powered eDLT to a PC/Laptop via a Mini USB cable
2) Open C-Bus Toolkit in the file menu options select Tools and eDLT Firmware Updater
3) Click on the folder/file selector ... in the eDLT Firmware Updater Dialog 
4) Select the latest version of eDLTFirmware located in the C-Bus Toolkits eDLT firmware directory - typically
5) Click the Start Update button to start the firmware upgrade process
6) Await for the firmware upgrade process to complete, 


Note: The eDLT firmware upgrade process requires a stable C-Bus network (if you are experiencing C-Bus communications issues you will likely experience issues upgrading the firmware) in these cases it may be better to have eDLT closer to C-Bus power supplies or if possible use a test bench C-Bus network to upgrade the eDLT firmware.