Can an 800 A breaker be directly fitted into NS Powerpact Chassis 800A (NS800xx / NS800xxBF / NS800xxDFC / NS800xxSSLHTF / NS800xxSSLHBF / NS800xxSSLHDFC) ?


03 February 2022

In order to connect 800A breakers (for example Compact NS800), you need to have you own bus bar connections to match the connections.
There is no possibility of connecting directly to the NS800XX or NS800XXSSLHTF chassis.

For example, Compact NS800 breaker would have bottom connection of two holes compared to the chassis connection with one hole plus the differences in connection sizes.
Please see attached pages from Compact NS Catalogue (LVPED211021EN) with all type of available connections.

Please see below from Chassis Catalogue-Australia (998-19687593_AU).