How to backup/restore .pav files in a new Citect Scada project


23 January 2023


If a Citect project is restored on a machine overwriting the existing project, all of the .PAV files for process analyst are no longer available/deleted from that machine. Is there a option to ensure .pav files are backed up/restored each time a project is restored overwriting existing one?



Citect Scada All versions



The .pav files are saved locally to every project at location "C:\ProgramData\Schneider Electric\Citect SCADA [version]\User\[Your Project Name]\AnalystViews" if "Local" option was selected when creating these files, else they are saved in in "My Documents" folder.


Now if a new version of a project is restored overwriting the existing one, the .pav files will not be available if they were saved into "Local" folder. But if they were saved at "My Documents", they should still be there. 


To ensure having .pav files in a newly restored project, first copy the .pav files from the older project. Then after restoring the new project, paste these files either to the "Analyst Views" folder within your new project files (same path as above) or in "My Documents" folder.