Which Citect driver is recommended to communicate with the S7-1500 PLC?


03 October 2021

There are a few Citect drivers that will work with the S7 1500 PLC, including PSDIRECT and some of the S7 driver range. The recommended driver is the PSDIRECT driver.


  • Citect SCADA/AVEVA Plant SCADA
  • S7-1500 PLC

The driver we recommend using to communicate with the S7-1500 PLC is the PSDIRECT driver. PSDirect driver can be downloaded from the Citect website. This driver works in conjunction with a backend driver "Siemens Industrial Ethernet" which can be downloaded from the ProSCADA website mentioned below. There is more information about this in the following links. 

Information and links to the drivers:


Configuration information:  


This driver is a paid driver, meaning you can test out the demo version but will need to purchase a license for the full version.