I was added to another home in Wiser by SE and their Wiser devices have been added to my Google Home with my own homes devices how can I remove them and avoid this in the future?


30 September 2021

Once a Wiser by SE account is linked to Google Home, all devices within homes linked to this account will be added to Google Home. All devices within a Google Home account can then be operated in the Google Home App or via Google voice control.
Removing yourself from the home and then refreshing your Google Home page should then remove these devices. If this fails to remove them, you can unlink the Wiser by SE App from Google Home and refresh Google Home once unlinked. This should remove all devices from Google Home and then you can re-link your account. It may also help to clear the cache after unlinking the Apps.
To prevent this happening, we recommend creating a separate Wiser by SE account that is not linked to Google Home. This separate account would be useful for electricians commissioning customer homes or customers who have control of other homes (for example: a holiday house) that don’t wish to have these devices in their Google Home. For new installs, it is recommended for electricians to allow the home-owner to setup voice control by linking their new Wiser by SE account to their Google Home Account so no conflicts will occur.