The icon for my Wiser product is not what I want in Google Home. Can I change it?


30 September 2021

After linking Wiser by SE to the Google Home App your devices will be populated within Google Home. All devices will be assigned with appropriate Google icons to identify what they are. (For) for example: Switch will have a switch icon, Dimmer a light icon etc. Sockets and Switches can have their icons changed but not dimmers. To change the icon for sockets and switches go into Google Home, tap on the device you wish to change, from the device page tap on the cog on the top right-hand corner. Tap on Device type and select the appropriate icon from the list.
Changing the device type will change how it responds to voice commands as it does when changing the name of the device.
Any changes done within Wiser by SE may not immediately transfer across to Google Home. To update your Google Home list, on the Google Home main page, swipe down to refresh your devices.