What is the C-Bus Network state error mean


30 September 2021

The status of a Component's network can be displayed using the View | Component Label | Network Status menu item. An X indicates that the Component's Network is off-line and can not be controlled. A ? indicates that the Component's Network has been opened and that the state is not known but it may be possible to control the Group Address.


The status of all of the Networks can be viewed by selecting the View | Network States menu item. The possible network states are :

·New - the network has not been opened yet (usually caused by a failure to open the network)

·Open - the network has been opened, but the synchronisation process has not started

·Sync - the network is being synchronised (the progress will be shown *)

·OK - the network has been synchronised and is ready for use

·Error - the network has an error. (the cause of the error condition will be shown)

·Closed - network has not opened (usually caused by a failure to open the network)

·Operational - the network is open and can be used, but there are units not responding (see C-Gate Options). Note that this was previously referred to as the "degraded" state.


* For the Sync and Error states, it will show "unit x of y". This refers to the xth unit out of a total of y units. It does not refer to the unit addresses.

Any units which are in error state will be listed. If any units are in error state, this should be investigated. If too many units are in the error state, the whole network will be put into the error state, and it will be unable to be used.