Can Compact NSX communicate with motor mechanism installed?


30 September 2021

Standard Compact NSX motor mechanism doesn't have the option for communication. 


You would require a communicating Motor mechanism + BSCM + NSX Cord in order to achieve this. 

NSX Motor mechanism

Please note: communicating Motor mechanism only comes in 220-240VAC. 


NSX 100/160/250

NSX 400/630


You would also require IFM (LV434000) for Modbus output or IFE (LV434001 or LV434002) for Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet. 


Once you have the above units/modules, then you should be able to control your circuit breaker with communication such as PLC. 


List of Modbus registers can be found from Compact NSX communication guide


Attached is wiring diagram of NSX Motor Mechanism.