What protection settings remain active during Micrologic X (MTZ) firmware upgrade?


30 September 2021

The 'Standard Protection Functions' of the Micrologic X control unit remain active during a firmware upgrade.

Please see the below details from Micrologic X User Guide confirming this and the categorisation of ‘Standard Protection Functions’ and ‘Optional Protection Functions’.

2021-06-24 19_50_25-Window.png
2021-06-24 19_54_07-Window.png

For example:
If the ‘
Energy Reduction Maintenance Settings (ERMS)’ optional protection function settings are active (with blue ERMS LED (A) is lit on the front face of the MicroLogic X control unit and Blue backlight (B)) and you start the firmware upgrade, you can see the both LED and backlight get turned off meaning that the ERMS optional protection settings are turned off during the firmware upgrade.
2021-06-28 10_37_07-MasterPact MTZ MicroLogic X Control Unit - User Guide.png