How to delete the paired coding on 755LPSMA4 Smoke Alarm?


30 September 2021

Please note: It is not recommended to remove or delete the coding from the MASTER alarm.
Remove slave alarm from the bracket before performing the steps below.
  • Remove the unit from mounting bracket to power OFF the unit.
  • Press and hold Test/Hush button and then install the unit back to mounting bracket to power ON the unit.
  • Red LED will light on for 3 seconds. Only release the button after Red LED light is off. 
  • Red LED will light on for another 3 seconds. During these 3 seconds, briefly press Test/Hush button to delete the coding.
  • Red Led will flash for 5 seconds if deleting is successful.

755LPSMA4 - Red LED flashes for 3 sec.png

755LPSMA4 - Red LEd flashes for 5 sec.png
Attached is the installation instructions of 755LPSMA4 for more info.