What can I do to solve connectivity issues with my Iconic Bluetooth switches (41E10PBSWM and 41EPBDWCLM)?


30 September 2021

If you are experiencing connectivity issues here is a list to check that can help resolve issues.
Is the product Bluetooth capable? 
Check your product code and its instructions for confirmation

Is your Bluetooth on and is your phone/device currently connected to any other Bluetooth devices?
If you are currently connected to another Bluetooth item it is recommended to disconnect.

Are you in range of the product?
You should be within 8-10m or be in the same room but it is recommended to stand directly in front of the product.

Are there multiple Bluetooth capable products in a 2 or 3 gang switch plate?
If so, the recommendation is that in a 2-gang plate the top mechanism should be rotated upside down OR in a 3-gang plate rotate the middle mechanism upside down. This can limit interference caused by have the BLE antenna lined up in all the mechanisms.

Is the indicator LED solid Amber/Orange and flashing the same colour when in pairing mode?
The mechanism is in Zigbee mode and will not pair via Bluetooth. 

Have you previously connected to the product using the same phone/device?
Make sure the product has been removed from the App and check your phone/device Bluetooth settings and remove it from there also if present.

After all these checks are completed and you are ready to attempt the pairing procedure it is recommended to carry out a factory reset and then power cycle the mechanism. It can also help to restart the App or a full restart of your phone/device

Note: For all information on how to put a product into pairing mode and do a factory reset please refer to the installation instructions for the specific product.