What event sender types exist in C-Bus LUA Scripting?


11 February 2021

C-Bus Automation Controller (5500SHAC and 5500NAC) LUA Scripting incorporates the following list of event senders. 

These event sender types can be used within LUA Scripting to restrict execution of script code based on the sender. The following list details the abbreviated event sender type used in LUA Scripting and also the description.

bt = bluetooth
bn = bacnet
mb = modbus
en = enocean
wl = lm wall
rc = reactor
ek = ekey
w1 = 1-wire
sc = scenes
se = event script
ss = scheduled script
sr = resident script
us = user interface / visualization
rm = remote services
ap = apps
po = group monitor object polling
dl = dali
cb = cbus
cl = cbus keyword