How to get Vijeo Designer and Vijeo Designer Runtime version information on Magelis XBT G/GT terminal during runtime.


05 September 2022

System configuration menu item can be used to display VJD & VJD Runtime version information during runtime of the Magelis XBT G/GT terminal during run time.

Note: All Magelis XBT G/GT target machines support this feature.

1. In the System tab, click the Version Information button to display the Version Information menu.
2. Click on the Return button to return to the Vijeo-Designer Runtime Configuration Menu.
3. Click the To Run Mode button to return to the user application.
a) Vijeo-Designer Runtime Version is the runtime version installed on the target machine.
b) Vijeo-Designer Build time Version is the Vijeo-Designer editor version used to create and build the user application.
For more details, please refer to Chapter 26.4 article in Online Help Menu.