Citect SCADA / Citect Anywhere - What licenses are needed for a Citect Anywhere Client to connect to a Citect SCADA server?


30 September 2021

Applies to : Citect Anywhere 
Summary: This article talks about the licenses that are required for one connection from Citect Anywhere to Citect SCADA.

Each session from an end user will use
- One Citect Anywhere license
- One RDS CAL license
- One Citect client license

Hence, you would need 10 control client license, 10 Citect anywhere license and 10 CAL licenses to run 10 consecutive control client sessions via Citect Anywhere. 
The Citect Control Client licenses should be hosted on the Citect Server. If using a USB Dongle the Client licenses will need to be added to the key. It is not possible to use a mix of soft and USB licenses on the same machine. The Citect Anywhere Client licenses need to be a soft license and hosted on the Citect Anywhere server.

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