[Video] Introduction to Ecoreach


08 November 2021

When you have a switchboard with smart equipment inside, there is nothing more frustrating than when it's not properly set up. Issues with trip settings, wrong wiring of auxiliaries or when the breakers don't communicate.
This often results in painful commissioning on-site, especially when the Building Management System Integrator wants to set up their system but the switchboard is not delivering the required information. To simplify the testing of the board and the commissioning on-site, we are giving you a free software called Ecoreach. With Ecoreach, a Board Builder can connect to a switchboard without any specific settings since it automatically discovers all the smart connected devices. The Board Builder can check to see that the switchboard is indeed communicating, or a wiring change is required. Once this is done, he can edit a communication report and send it to the Contractor. The Contractor can then provide this test report to the System Integrator, so he can work on the integration without worrying about communication issues. Ecoreach is not just a communication test software. You are also able to set up the trip unit, settings and other parameters in the breakers, you can perform a secondary injection test and you can upgrade your Masterpact MTZ with new digital modules.