How to connect to the Masterpact MTZ via NFC [Video]


27 May 2023

How to connect to the Masterpact MTZ via NFC
Product String Reference:
  1. Top Level > Product Category > Buildings & IT > Partner Project Transactional > Air Circuit Breakers > ACB MTZ Communication
  2. Top Level > PR_Product_OPS_Structure > Circuit Breakers and Switches > High Current Air Circuit Breakers > Masterpact MTZ
The objective of this video is to provide guidance of how to communicate with a Masterpact MTZ via NFC.

Product Line:
High Current Air Circuit Breakers
  1. Download the Masterpact MTZ from the Play Store or App Store. Register if required. NFC will work both in circuit open and closed conditions. Micrologic X can communicate with internal battery and does not require power.
  2. Open the app and click NFC
  3. Hold it before the Micrologic X unit.
  4. When connected, it will be able to read the data from the Micrologic X
  5. Information provided include: Serial number, product reference, hardware and firmware reference.