PME 8.1 Diagnostic File Error


29 September 2021

After running the Diagnostic Tool, a .CAB file is never created. 

Power Monitoring Expert 

Power Monitoring Software

There are 2 possible solutions below. 
  1.  A workaround would be unchecking the check box "Compress Package" in the tool so that you will get the diagnostic folder contains all the info.
        2. PME installer CD, there is 'DiagnosticsTool_x86.exe' under the folder \setup\Installers. You can use this to reinstall the tool.

If you do not have the installation CD, you may download the installation files for the latest PME versions below.  Please check what version you are running before using the installation file. 

Power Monitoring Expert 9.0

Power Monitoring Expert 8.2

Power Monitoring Expert 7.2