How do I discover and add modbus devices to the ComX 510?


29 September 2021

With the Modbus discovery function, the Com'X 510 can discover the devices that are locally connected to their Modbus serial port and downstream Modbus TCP/Modbus serial line gateways.

Follow this procedure to discover connected Modbus devices:
1. Click the Device Settings main tab.

2. Click the Com'X 510 in the device tree view. Or, click the gateway in the device tree view to discover only the downstream devices connected to a gateway such as an EGX.

3. Click Discover connected devices to open the Modbus Discovery window.

4. Enter a Slave ID min and Slave ID max. The default range is 1 to 10, and the allowable range is 1 to 247.

5. Click Start to discover the devices. Discovered devices are listed in the Modbus Discovery window. Click Stop if you want to stop the Modbus Discovery process.

6. Deselect any devices you do not want to add, then click Create. The Modbus Discovery window closes and all the discovered devices appear in the device tree view as follows: 
 - If a device was created using a built-in model, the application automatically associates the device with the appropriate model.
 - If a device was created from a custom model that was added to the Custom Library, the application associates the device with the first model in the custom device list. In this case, you need to select the appropriate custom model for the device in the device type list.

Statuses when discovering Modbus devices:
OK - The device is discovered and supported by the Com'X 510.
This device is already connected - The device has been discovered from a previous Modbus discovery or by manual entry. It is supported by the Com'X 510.
Unknown device - The device has been discovered but it is not supported by the Com'X 510. This occurs if the device is a custom device, and no custom models have been created in the Custom Library.
No device discovered - No device is connected to this Modbus address (slave ID).