How to share data between M221 PLCs?


28 September 2021

To share data between M221 PLCs, the READ_VAR and WRITE_VAR communication functions can be used.
Before applying these functions,
  • Go to the configuration tab and create a remote server from Modbus TCP selection by setting up IP addresses.
This will enable the Ethernet option from the link field of the communication functions variable setting.
 It is important to select the object type for reading or writing discrete inputs, coils, input registers and holding registers.

After the object type is selected,
  • Choose the first object and quantity for the real addresses. For example, if we choose object type as 'read holding registers' the first object as 0 and quantity as 2, then we selected %MW0 and %MW1 to share data between the M221 PLCs.

Please be noted that these communication functions only work when there is rising edge signal send to the execute input.