Why will the ATV61/71 Logic Input not reset the External Fault?


29 July 2022

The ATV71 has External Fault assigned to LI5.  When active, LI5 trips the drive into External Fault, EPF1.  When activating Fault Reset on assigned LI4, the fault is not reset.  

Product line:
Altivar 61 Altivar 71


The fault reset needs to come from the assigned Command Channel.

In this case, Command Channel 1 was assigned to a Communications network. So, a Fault Reset needs to come from the Communications Network.
Fault reset by Logic Input is not possible unless the active command channel is Terminals.  

Consider temporarily switching the Command Channel to Terminals and then close Logic Input assigned to Reset, or switch to HMI mode and use the local Stop/Reset button (push twice) to reset.  

See description / options on the attached file.