Does 41E300PBUD2SM Iconic push button dimmer do ON /OFF + dimming?


13 October 2021

Yes, 41E300PBUD2SM is an integrally switched dimmer, with tactile feel push button.

Pushbutton Universal Dimmer Operation:
Short Press : 
• Press the pushbutton to switch the light On or Off.
•The dimmer has memory, and will remember the previous dim setting, when you switch the light on. When you press the pushbutton to switch the light Off, the unit will store the current setting in memory.
Long Press :
• Press and hold the pushbutton to dim the light up and down. Release to stop dimming.
• The dimmer will cycle up and down alternately. With a Long Press while the light is On, the dimmer will dim down (decrease brightness) by default. With a Long Press when the light is Off, the dimmer will dim upwards (increase brightness) by default. A subsequent Long Press will dim in the opposite direction.
• Whilst dimming, if the light reaches its maximum or minimum brightness level, dimming stops at that level.
• A single ramp cycle takes about 10 seconds to complete (full range, min. to max.).
• If the pushbutton is not pressed for 15 seconds, the dimmer is set to dim down on the next Long Press.
Note: If the pushbutton is pressed for longer than 15 seconds, the pushbutton dimmer unit will go into Configuration Mode

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