What basic parameters on the Altivar Process Drive do I need to configure to establish a connection and communicate to the drive over the Embedded Modbus Ethernet protocol?


28 September 2021

How do I setup the Altivar Process Drive to communicate over Modbus over Ethernet (TCP)?

Product Line:
Altivar Process Drive (ATV630, ATV930, ATV650, ATV950, ATV660, ATV960, ATV680, ATV980)

All serial numbers 

Need to connect to the drive and communicate over Modbus


Setting up Modbus TCP on the Drive
EDS Files
Basic Settings
  • Program Communication Settings:
    • [Communication] [Comm parameters] [Ethernet Embd] Config submenu
      • [IP Mode Ether. Embd]
      • [IP address]
      • [Mask]
      • [Gateway]
    • ​​​Setting up a Modbus Address
      • [Communication] [Comm parameters] [Modbus SL] [Modbus Fieldbus]
        • ​[Modbus Address]
        • [Bd.RateModbus]
        • [Modbus Format]
        • [Modbus Timeout]​​​
      • To read/write directly to individual 4x registers you will need to set a Modbus Address in the drive. 
        • The Modbus Address should match your Unit ID on PLC (Typically that is Unit ID of 1)
      • When using the IO scanner input/output tables you will need to use a Unit ID of 255
  • Remember to Power Cycle the Drive after any communication changes
  • Programming Command Settings:
    • [Complete settings] [Command and Reference]
      • ​For command speed from Network, program:
        • [Ref Freq 1 Config] Fr1 - Set to [Embedded Ethernet] Eth
        • [Ref 1B switching] rCb - Set to [Ref Freq Channel 1] Fr1
        • [Control Mode] CHCF - Set to [Not separ.] SIM
      • ​​Video: Setting an Auto/Manual or Reference Switching on the Altivar Process Drives
        • https://www.schneider-electric.com/en/faqs/FA294131/
  • Program Communication Settings (from SoMove)
    • ​​[Parameters List] [Fieldbus] [Modbus TCP/Ethernt IP]
    • Configure Drive Protocol (ATV900)
      • Ethernet Protocol - Set to Modbus TCP
Commanding the Drive
  • Using IO Profile characteristics:
    • [Complete Settings] [Command and Reference] [Control Mode] - Set to "IO"
    • Command Word - 8501
    • 16 bit word (Bit 0, 1, 2..... 15)
    • Start/Stop must turn on bit 0 (first bit)
      • Write a 1 to start
      • Write a 0 to stop
    • Bit 1 to 15 are assignable to other drive functions like Fault Reset
    • Speed Reference
    • Speed Reference Word:
      • 8502 (Hz) and 8602 (rpm)
  • Using CIA402 (DriveCom Profile) characteristics:
    • Works with all assemblies
    • [Control Mode] to [Not separ.] or [Separate]
    • Command Word - 8501
    • No 16 bit word
    • Start/Stop
      • Drive will display nSt on top left corner.
      • A sequence of values must be written to the drive:
        • 6, 7 and 15 decimal values
        • Toggle between 7 and 15 to start and stop
    • Speed Reference
      • Speed Reference Word:
        • 8502 (Hz) and 8602 (rpm)

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