Can you configure custom web pages for the PM8000 meter?


28 September 2021

A customer would like to create custom web pages for a PM8000 series meter.

Product Line
Powerlogic PM8000 series

Custom Web pages 

The PM8000 series has built-in software modules, similar to other ION meters, but does not possess the "Web Page Module" like the ION7550/7650 models. It is possible to modify web pages for the PM8000 by accessing the meter with FTP, viewing, and editing the onboard HTML files directly.

Overview of the procedure:
1. Access the meter using a Windows Explorer window and searching: ftp://. This may prompt for a username and/or password.
2. Go to web>>examples and select on of the sample files to modify using an HTML or web page editor software.
3. Save your custom web page in the monitoring or setup folder depending on the web page created.
4. Login to your meter's web page to view (displayed under the monitoring or setup tab).

See the video below for example

This process is covered in detail with examples in the PM8000 User Guide, in the meter web pages section, beginning from page 105.

NOTE: For custom values (eg custom arithmetic or custom modbus registers)

It is not possible to link custom values directly to the web page.

This is because creating a custom web page requires the use of Web page tags, which are, by design, only available for values in the Data Mapping modules.

That being said, it is possibele to unlink input values from a Data Mapping module (e.g Ia in the Data Mapping Measurement module) and instead, link the input to a custom value (e.g from an arithmetic module or Modbus slave module)

In this case, the webpage tag for Ia (I a, as shown in the modbus map excel sheet) will still be used to reference this custom value in the html file, as shown in the video above.

Before making changes to any of the Data Mapping Modules, kindly ensure that you save a copy of your meter's device configuration file (dcf) as a back up for the meter's default configurations.

After changes are made, you may save a copy of the Modbus map with notes on the values you have edited for your records.