Video: How to configure the Unity Pro LL984 network display view


07 September 2022

Follow this procedure for configuring the Unity Pro LL984 network logic screen. In this example we will configure the screen to show two descriptor lines, the variable and the 984-address.

1- Go to the TOOLS tab and select PROJECT SETTINGS.
2- In the Project Settings window, select View 1 from the Network Display option.
3- Configure the following:
     Line 1 = Blank
     Line 2 = Blank
     Line 3 = Blank
     Line 4 = Descriptor 1
     Line 5 = Descriptor 2
     Line 6 = Variable
     Line 7 = 984-Address
4- Click the APPLY button, then the OK button.
5- The LL984 Network Display View will now show the descriptors, variable and 984-address.