What is the part number for a 20A 10mA RCBO?


30 September 2021

The part number for a 20A 10mA RCBO is A9D10820 or  4RCBE220/10S
A9D10820 will fit 
 Schneider chassis but cannot not be used for hospitals or body protected areas as it does not switch neutral.
The Clipsal 4RCBE220/10S is suitable for hospitals but will not fit to Schneider chassis.
A9D10820 Product picture
A9D10820    iC60H - earth leakage circuit breaker
1P + N - C curve - 20 A - 10 mA - 240 V
4RCBE220/10S        SLIM CLIPSAL
20A 10mA A-TYPE 6KA

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