What communication options are available for the ATV600 series Process drives?


22 July 2022

What communication protocols are available for the ATV600 drives?

Product line:
Altivar process 600, 630, 650.



The ATV600 series drives comes standard with 3x RJ45 communication ports.  1 port is Ethernet/Modbus TCP, 2 ports are Modbus serial.
 - Ethernet port
          - Modbus TCP message handling is based on the Modbus protocol
          - SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)
          - The FDR (Fast Device Replacement) service allows automatic reconfiguration of a new device installed to replace an existing device
          - Device security is reinforced by disabling some unused services as well as managing a list of authorized devices
          - Setup and adjustment tools (SoMove, Unity with DTM) can be connected locally or remotely
          - The embedded Web server is used to display operating data and dashboards as well as to configure and diagnose system elements from any web browser

These numerous services offered by the Ethernet port mean that Altivar Process drives can be integrated into Schneider Electric solutions.

- Serial ports
          - One port dedicated to field network operation for exchanging data with other devices via the Modbus protocol
          - A second dedicated port for the multidrop connection of the following HMIs and configuration tools:
          - The remote graphic display terminal supplied with the drive
          - A Magelis industrial HMI terminal
          - A PC with SoMove or Unity setup software

Optional communication modules
The Altivar Process drive can also be connected to other industrial communication buses and networks by using one of the communication modules available as an
option. Communication cards are supplied in “cassette” format for ease of mounting/removal.

- EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP Dual port, CANopen, PROFINET**, PROFIBUS DP V1**, DeviceNet and BACnet. 
Please note that Lonworks is not available for the ATV600 series drives.  An external gateway will be required. 

**PROFINET and PROFIBUS DP V1 modules also support the Profidrive and CiA402