Video: Why do CSEDs (RC & QC devices) with factory installed tunnel kits allow the service wires to be exposed at the bottom of the device?


09 May 2022

Adjusting CSED factory installed tunnel kit following completed utility wiring.

Product Line:
Combination Service Entrance Devices

The Specific CSED that contain the tunnel kit will be shipped from the factory, with the tunnel in a raised position. This allows the installer to pull the Service Wires up from the bottom endwall and through the tunnel area when underground feeding the device. The tunnel contains an adjustment screw so it can be raised or lowered once the Service Wires are in place.

Once the Service Wires are installed, the adjustment screw should be loosened or removed and the tunnel moved down, allowing the hasp on the tunnel, to go through the bottom endwall. This will allow the Utility company to lock and seal the tunnel, preventing any unauthorized access of the Utility Service Wires. The tunnel covers the whole left side of the load center gutter area of the CSED, and once the tunnel is down and locked, tighten or reinstall adjustment screw.