What are the cut out dimensions for the 7500ATP-WE?


30 September 2021

The cut out dimensions for the 7500ATP-WE are 290mm x 290mm
Key features
• Attractive modern design
• Efficient and economical operation
• Built-in thermal protection for added safety
• 4 x 275W radiant heat lamps with ceramic lamp holders
• R80 100W centre lamp
• 3m x 150mm ducting
• Ball-bearing motor and centrifugal fan for ventilation
through ducting
• Clipsal 2000 Series™ labelled wall switch, grid plate and cover included
• Side-connected ducting for ceiling cavities above 230mm
• Wall/eaves outlet included
• Complies with Building Code of Australia
• Easy to clean
For further information see:https://www.clipsal.com/products/detail?CatNo=7500ATP&backto=/search?q=7500ATP&tab-document-1=0&itemno=7500ATP-WE
fan light 4 heat ducted