How does the ATV630 Process drives stall function work?


02 November 2022

How to set up stall function on the ATV630 Process drive?

Product Line:
Altivar 630

All serial numbers

Stall function

This function helps to prevent a motor overload by monitoring the motor current and the speed rise time. 
A stalling condition is when: 
An output frequency is smaller than the stalling frequency [Stall Frequency] StP3 
And an output current is higher than the stalling current [Stall Current] StP2 
During a time longer than the stalling time [Stall Max Time] StP1 
That means that you must meet three conditions, then a stalling condition occurs, an [Motor Stall Error] StF error is triggered. 

For example,
Set StP3=10HZ, StP2=100% (meaning rated motor current)
When the drive is running at 9.9HZ, motor current is above rated motor current, then after 5S, an [Motor Stall Error] StF error is triggered. 
If the drive is running at 10.1HZ, an StF error is not triggered.