Will the 9001KYG1Y1 accept a 9001KA2 contact block?


28 September 2021

Will the 9001KYG1Y1 accept a 9001KA2 contact block?

Produt Line:
9001KY/SKY Assembled Control Stations

30mm, Guarded Enclosure with Operator, NEMA 1, 3, 4 and 13, Die Cast Zinc Enclosure with Integral Guard, Yellow Cover with Red Push Pull Mushroom

Yes the 9001KA2 will work on the 9001KYG1Y1.  They can order the components a 9001KYG1Y enclosure, 9001KR9R operator and the 9001KA2 contact block, and the Push to Stop/Pull To Start Legend Plate individually.  Or they can order the 9001KYG1Y1 with the 9001KA2 and swap out the 9001KA3 with the 9001KA2.