How can the time and date on a Tesys T be set?


28 September 2021

Can the time and date on a Tesys T be set over a network?

Product Line:
IEC Contactors and Overload relays

TeSys T Motor Management System

Product Configuration

The date and time can be set over the network, with SoMove, and via the handheld LTMCU device.
  • To do so using a PLC over the network, the registers which hold these values are 655-658. See DT_DateTime in the Tesys T Users Manual.
  • To set the date and time via SoMove you can connect to the device, then in the device menu across the top of the screen you will go down to "maintenance" and click "set device date and time."
  • Utilizing the handheld you will go into the menus and scroll down to services, from here click on Date-Time Setting and manually set the year, month, day, hour, minutes, and seconds to the appropriate time.