What can cause an E-19 on an ATV212 drive?


02 October 2023

E-19 on display

Product Line:
S-Flex enclosed ATV212

All models and serial numbers

Communication error between control CPU's

This is a CPU Communications Error
  • Check the environment (electromagnetic Compatibility or EMC).
  • Ensure proper grounding of the drive and the motor.
  • Ensure proper separation of control and communication wiring from power wiring (line and load).
  • Use shielded cable for analog and serial communication and follow proper shielding/grounding practices.

In certain cases, high switching frequency (F300: Switch. freq. level) may contribute to an E-19 error, so if all the above had been confirmed and the issue remains, change F300 to 6 kHz and test.

If issue remains,
  • Power down and after the display is blank, remove all control wiring and then reapply power and see if the fault returns.
  • Check that no external +24v supply is connected to the control terminals.  If external 24V is used, disconnect it and then test to see if it may be a source of noise.
  • With no power applied, check internal connections on the control terminals as well as the connection between circuit boards that are visible without disassembly.
If all else fails, consider replacing the drive.