What is Profile on the ATV61/71?


22 June 2022

ATV61/71 Profile.
Product Line:
Altivar 61, Altivar 71
All serial numbers
The behavior of the Altivar 61 (and 71) can be adapted according to requirements:
• [8 serie] (SE8): To replace an Altivar 58. See the Migration Manual.
• [Not separ.] (SIM): Command and reference are sent via the same channel.
• [Separate] (SEP): Command and reference may be sent via different channels.
In these configurations, control via the communication bus is performed in accordance with the DRIVECOM standard with only 5 freely assignable bits (see Communication Parameters Manual). The application functions cannot be accessed via the communication interface.
• [I/O profile] (IO): Command and reference may be sent via different channels. This configuration both simplifies and extends use via
the communication interface.
Commands may be sent via the logic inputs on the terminals or via the communication bus.
When commands are sent via a bus, they are available on a word, which acts as virtual terminals containing only logic inputs.
Application functions can be assigned to the bits in this word. More than one function can be assigned to the same bit.
Note: Stop commands from the terminals remain active even if the terminals are not the active command channel.
Note: The integrated Modbus channel has 2 physical communication ports:
- The Modbus network port
- The Modbus HMI port
The drive does not differentiate between these two ports, but recognizes the graphic display terminal when connected to either.