What is SCF4 on the ATV32 drive?


27 July 2022

SCF4 on ATV32

Product Line:
Altivar 32

All Serial numbers


SCF4 or [IGBT short circuit] indicates that there may be a power component fault.
If the fault will reset after a power cycle, the recommendation is to perform a self test via the FLT.  
Select the IGBT TEST, and set Strt to yes.   The Motor must be connected to perform this test.  Note any results that are not OK.

If Transistor Test results are all OK, or if the SCF4 fault will not clear after a power cycle; disconnect motor from the drive and test for proper operation without the motor.  Note that Motor Control Type (DRC menu) has to be V/F 2pts and Output Phase Loss has to be NO in (FLT menu) for this test.  Attempt to run the drive at several different speeds, checking phase to phase voltage for balance at each speed.  
This should only be performed by a qualified technician with appropriate PPE and test equipment.

Possible issues: Internal power component short circuit detected at power on.  The drive may need to be replaced if the fault is coming up on power up.