Video: How to wire and install an arc fault (CAFI), ground fault (GFI), or dual function (DF) breaker in a QO or HOM load center


28 September 2021

How are arc fault, ground fault, or dual function breakers in a QO or HOM load center wired?

Product Line:
Load Centers


Procedure clarification

The following video demonstrates a typical GFI Breaker Installation. The same wiring guidelines apply for CAFI, AFI, and DF breakers. Please consult the instruction guide included with your circuit breaker for specific installation procedures.


Instruction bulletins:
Homeline single pole ground fault (GFI)
Homeline two pole ground fault (GFI)
Homeline single pole arc fault (CAFI)
Homeline two pole arc fault (CAFI)
Homeline dual function (DF)

QO single pole ground fault (GFI)
QO two pole ground fault (GFI)
QO three pole ground fault (GFI)
QO single pole arc fault (CAFI)
QO two pole arc fault (CAFI)
QO dual function (DF)