Why do some parameters reset on my ATV212 (or S-Flex) drive when I cycle power?


14 October 2022

Some parameters reset on my ATV212 drive when I cycle power.
Product line:
ATV212 series drives
ATV212 series drives equipped with Lonworks card VW3A21212
Information unavailable in current literature.
6 parameters are stored in the Lonworks card.   At each power cycle, the Lonworks card will overwrite these six registers in the drive, with the values stored in the Lonworks card, even if the Lonworks network is not being used.  If the card is installed in the drive, these parameter will be overwritten.   In order to set the parameters, you must write them to the Lonworks card.
nciMaxSpeed          Maximum Motor Speed            (UL)
nciMinSpeed           Minimum Motor Speed              (LL)
NCINmlSpeed          Nominal Motor Speed in RPM   (F417)
NciNmlFreq             Nominal Motor Frequency        (uL)
NciRampUpTm        Minimum Ramp Up Time            (ACC)
NciRampDownTm  Minimum Ramp Down Time        (DEC)