ATV12 will not run a loaded or lightly loaded motor.


08 April 2022

ATV12 drive is being used to test a small motor with no load on it. Motor will reach 26 Hz and then starts shaking and making noise. Drive display blinks on and off.

Product Line:
Altivar 12, ATV12

All part numbers

Light or no load on motor causes instability in the motor control algorithm.

Verify that the motor nameplate information has been properly entered in the Full / drC menu. This includes parameters bFr, nPr, UnS, nCr, and nSP.  
Test with Ctt parameter (also in drC menu) set to both Std and PErF to see which works best.

If problem remains, change the MPC parameter to COS, and then set the COS parameter to the motor power factor or COS and retest.

If problem remains, reduce the FLG and StA parameters gradually until proper operation is achieved. StA and FLG are also in the drC menu, and only appear if the Ctt parameter is set to PErF.

Consult the ATV12 User Manual for details on these parameters. Document number BBV28581